Core Advantages and Characteristics

Full HD

High Safety and Super Stability


Flexible and convenient

Zero Operation and Maintenance of Smart Assets

Shenzhou Video IDC

Global Operator Level-Cloud Video Conference System

About Us

Digital China Group Co., Ltd.

Digital China Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Digital China”; Stock Code: 000034. SZ).Since its establishment in 2000, Digital China has been devoting to energizing digital transformation for the industry with independent innovation of core technologies and advancing great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by digital technologies under the concept of “taking the lead in concepts, technologies & practices” . In 2021, Digital China achieved an annual turnover of 122.4 billion yuan, ranking the 114th on Fortune China 500 list and 29th on the Forbes 2022 China Digital Economy 100 list.


Successful cases

Create value for customers

First one used at a G20 Summit on video conference system

Shenzhou Video has created a global optical fiber backbone network and an elite operation team to continue to provide high-level professional video conference services for the G20 Summit.

Multi-campus video teaching plans provided synchronously by multinational educational institutions

It provides a solution for video conferencing in education industry for Sphink. With its unique global cloud video service system, it realizes synchronous teaching in seven campuses at home and abroad.

Expansion scheme of video conference system for multinational industrial groups

It provides Zhongji Group with the world's leading cloud video conferencing system with the advantages of high-definition, smooth, on-demand expansion, globalization, high security, high compatibility etc.