About Us

       Shenzhou Digital (China) Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 000034. SZ) is the largest integrated IT service provider in China. The company always takes "Digital China" as its mission to provide excellent integrated IT services for all partners. In 1984, the New Technology Development Company (the predecessor of Lenovo Group) of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was formally established. In 2001, Shenzhou Digital Holdings Limited was split up from Lenovo Group and listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. (Stock code 00861. HK) In 2010, Shenzhou Digital held a Partner Conference to jointly open the construction of intelligent city. In 2016, Shenzhou Digital Group officially landed in A shares (stock code 000034.SZ). Over the past 20 years, Shenzhou Digital has completed the strategic transformation from the edge to the mainstream and from the mainstream to the front. In the future, Shenzhou Digital will take the integrate cloud services, its own brand products and services as the cut-in point, create a convergent service platform, inject new momentum for partners and grow up together with partners.

Shenzhou Digital Network Business Department was established in 2001. Its predecessor was Lenovo Cisco Business Department established in 1997. In September 1997, Shenzhou Digital signed a formal contract with Cisco, becoming the largest distributor in China, who have maintained close cooperation for more than 20 years. In more than 20 years of development, Shenzhou Digital Network Business Department have been award-wining of Cisco awards. In 2007, it became a special distribution partner of Cisco middle and low-end storage switches in China, and a strategic partner of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) in China. In 2008, it became the first partner of Cisco in Asia-Pacific with sales exceeding US$100 million. In 2009, it won the best general agent with contribution to Unified Communications in Cisco FY08 Greater China and was titled as the Best Supply Chain Partner. In 2010, he became the distributor of CiscoUCS-X86 enterprise-level low-end server products, and won the title of the best distributor of FY10 in Cisco Greater China, and the title of the best distributor of Cisco.

To better help customers provide switches, routers, wireless, security, unified communications, data centers and other full-line products of Cisco series. Up to now, Shenzhou Digital has established four regional centers, three logistics centers and one data center nationwide. And the business network has expanded to 19 platforms, nearly 50 offices and branches. A hierarchical manageable channel support system composed of channel market, product market and industry market, maintenance support and training support has been established. And a distribution channel network centered on Beijing and radiating the whole country as well as integrated partners has been formed.

In 2018, the Divine Digital Network Business Unit integrated Cisco and Divine Digital resources, and proposed to provide partners with rich content, professional teaching, continuous "empowerment plan". We strive to help partners understand Cisco and related technologies and products from the shallow to the deep, from easy to difficult, and to enhance their theoretical and practical capabilities. All the time, the Digital Network Business Department of Shenzhou has won the recognition and trust of a large number of partners by virtue of high-quality services and efficient communication. In the future, the Digital Network Business Department of Shenzhou will continue to provide world-class enterprise-class network products and solutions for the vast number of domestic users with an upward attitude, scientific and rigorous methods and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

Successful cases

Create value for customers

First one used at a G20 Summit on video conference system

Shenzhou Video has created a global optical fiber backbone network and an elite operation team to continue to provide high-level professional video conference services for the G20 Summit.

Multi-campus video teaching plans provided synchronously by multinational educational institutions

It provides a solution for video conferencing in education industry for Sphink. With its unique global cloud video service system, it realizes synchronous teaching in seven campuses at home and abroad.

Expansion scheme of video conference system for multinational industrial groups

It provides Zhongji Group with the world's leading cloud video conferencing system with the advantages of high-definition, smooth, on-demand expansion, globalization, high security, high compatibility etc.